I entered the art world as a painter through the back door.  For years an avid collector, I was encouraged by an artist friend to pick up a brush and my world became a different place.

My acrylic and oil works rely heavily on a colorful and abstract underpainting which becomes evident in the rich texture and visible at the edges of my subjects.  While perhaps appearing simplistic in form, there is a complexity and colorful history below the surface. I work almost exclusively with a palette knife on board and develop a unique relationship with each painting. In the end, while most viewers focus on the subject, I see those unique places where the underpainting shows at an edge.

Recently I started exploring encaustics as way to explore both the inner and outer world and build a unique reference and memory of a particular moment in time. Working in this medium has opened new and wonderful paths of expression with a  mission to draw the viewer into my adventure and evoke an emotional response.  My approach is two dimensional – first to create a work in watercolor, charcoal or mixed media and then encaustic wax.  This allows the luminous quality of the wax to reveal the jewel-like transparent watercolor or accentuate the contrast of black and white and at the same time conceal it in the layers of wax.  The final work is dramatic in its lush texture and deep optical sense of presence.

Arriving as an artist through the back door is an advantage.  I entered this world with the realization that the relationship with a work of art is a most wonderful and dynamic encounter.  The relationship changes with the light and time of day and there are always new and exciting things to discover that catch your eye at the edges or buried in the wax.